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Group of people | We offer personal tax services | Claremont Accounts Limited

Personal Tax Services

Compliance and Advice for Individuals

We'll advise on tax saving opportunities | Claremont Accounts Limited

Self Assessment Tax Return

We'll advise on tax saving opportunities available for you, prepare your tax return and file it with HMRC.  

We'll remind you about upcoming deadlines for submission and any payments on account. 

Company Directors and Participators

We will guide you through tax implications of various arrangements for directors and management, including director loans, company cars,  share option schemes, provision of accommodation and other benefits.  We'll advise if you need to pay capital gains tax and national insurance contributions.  Should you decide to pay dividends or exit from the company, we'll explain the tax consequences of different scenarios.

Tax Advice for Company Directors and Management | Claremont Accounts Limited
We offer tax advice for sole traders and partners | Claremont Accounts Limited

Business Owners

If you work as a sole trader or in partnership, we can help cover a wide variety of areas such as profit calculation, capital allowances, qualification for Business Assets Disposal relief (Entrepreneurs' relief) and pension contributions.  Should trading losses occur, we'll advise on opportunities to relieve them against various types of income.

With your FREE account on our cloud-based accounting software and the mobile App you'll receive a powerful set of tools to run your business efficiently in real time.

Contractors and Freelances

We can review your business model and advise if IR35 rules apply to you.  If you are a deemed employee under the Off-Payroll working rules, we'll help to understand the tax position of your Personal Service Company and explain how to complete your Self Assessment.

You will receive FREE access to our accounting portal and the mobile App.  Submit expenses, send invoices, view debtors and banking transactions, and keep track of your business on the go.

We offer tax advice for contractors and freelances | Claremont Accounts Limited
Tax advice and accounting services | Claremont Accounts Limited

Savings, Investments, Dividends and Offshore Income

Should you have various types of income from multiple sources, don't miss on available allowances and reliefs that might be applicable to you.

Private Landlords

We'll explain what expenses you can and can't claim against your property income and what reliefs are available.  If you own the property in the company name, we'll advise on the tax position of your company and on the ways to extract money from it to your personal account.  

We'll prepare and submit all relevant tax returns for you.

Tax services for private landlords | Claremont Accounts Limited
We help prepare for making tax digital for income tax | Claremont Accounts Limited

MTD for ITSA for Landlords and Sole Traders

Let us help you to prepare to Making Tax Digital for Income Tax Self Assessment - a government initiative to move to quarterly digital tax filing for Income Tax.  Self-employed businesses and landlords with annual business or property turnover above £50,000 will be required to follow the new rules from April 2026.

FREE Cloud Accounting 

Software and Mobile App

Work flexibly and stay in control of your business with your FREE access to one of the leading accounting platforms in the industry.  Manage the ins and outs of your finances on the go with the powerful mobile App.  Customise invoices, create repeating transactions, import direct banking feeds and benefit from various other features to optimise your admin and free up time for revenue generating business activities.

We provide FREE access to cloud software | Claremont Accounts Limited
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